In desperation for a little security…..For years, I’ve used a thick skin to cover me!
“Strong”, “Superwoman”, “Nice”, “Kind”, and “Independent” they all say.
Do you all even know the price I’ve had to pay?! 27 years young…triple that…that’s what my very being feels like.
I’m not Jesus, but some people expect me to crucify myself to save them from themselves. My patience is drowning under sea level. Please don’t let my soul side with the devil!
I need that last bit of sanity I have left. For Janelle and Jacob…those two… I MUST PROTECT.
            Lately I’ve been asking myself:
Brown eyes of mine~
            Where’s your potential to sparkle when facing the sun?
            Where’s your reflection of the soul that is not even done?
**Nothing is worse than being misused and taken advantage of by human beings!
Making a conscious decision:
 I will continue to spread love. I will give a hand out when needed, but I will not allow myself to be overwhelmed nor forced by anyone.
Effort should be made by both parties to have a successful and lasting relationship (any type of relationship).
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