Cold Heart

Cold Heart
Cold heart, how did you get here? What is your motive? When will you leave?
Seems like yesterday, this heart only had room for love! Just like a thief in the night…..the innocence, emotions, joy were swiped away and traded in for a cheap, sleazy, and empty space. Given the knowledge that the heart has to beat in order to be considered “alive”, the numbness of a heavily sedated patient has managed to take over!
Zoned out into deep thought, the mind pumps adrenaline off of unanswered questions. It’s unbelievable how the five senses function well physically, but are dysfunctional mentally, emotionally, and even spiritually!
These robotic-like symptoms categorizes you “cold heart” as second nature to most humans.
Dear Lord,
Please resuscitate what is rightfully yours……this COLD HEART! I plead that you take it back to your kingdom. Fix the distorted pieces with your gentle and perfect touch; then place it back to operate accordingly to do your will and your will only!
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