Good morning

Good morning my loves!
Ever been so broke…you have a job, but no money to get there?
Ever been so broke…oatmeal is your meals for the day or week?
Ever been so broke…you start to develop skills you never knew you had (sowing, concocting meals from whatever is in the pantry, making homemade wax to remove hair, etc.)?
Ever been so broke…pennies become your best friend?
Ever been so broke…you run out of toilet paper, paper towels, and baby wipes all at once…next best option is to wash your butt EVERY time you use the bathroom?!
Ever been so broke…your sweater ends up being your coat for the winter?!
Ever been so broke…a doctor’s visit isn’t an option ‘til something serious is wrong?!
            I can name so much more, but you get the picture. The past 5 years have been a challenge, a struggle, and a nightmare! The good side of my story is that things are getting better!!!! J These hard times are soon to be over and I WILL NOT LOOK BACK! Thankful for the bad before the good! Now I pray for wisdom and understanding so that I may make wiser decisions for my future and the future of my Janelle and Jacob!
Smile folks, we have EVERY reason to!
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