Innocent Tears

Innocent Tears
Can anyone hear my little girl’s cry?
Not just the tears that drop down from her angelic little face, but the pain behind her tears?
This world does not have an age limit as to whom it targets, and/or the hearts it chooses to toughen up. How can a child that isn’t old enough to comprehend evil, have a broken heart already?! She longs for her father to be a part of her everything. Even though I want to relate, in order to soothe her precious soul…… I on the other hand am still blessed to have both parents in my life. Afraid to utter the wrong perception based on a parent’s emotional stand point, I remain speechless. In turn, leaving a part of me to die each day. All I can offer is unconditional love and pray! I know our Heavenly Father will take care of it all.
Now….Can anyone hear my cry?!?!?!?!?!?!
I scream with all of my might: Please, reconsider having children if you aren’t man/woman enough to take care of their physical well being, emotional rollercoaster, and feed their spiritual hunger! Everyone has to realize…. When you are born, you are a part of someone! Think twice before thinking about yourself! Selfishness leads to unwanted scars!

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