Memoir of My Grandmother (Tata)

Memoir of My Grandmother (Tata)
Family and friends gather in union to say our last good-byes. I was there…..gazing at the beautiful and peaceful face before me. Even with tears filling up my eyes, I dare not blink…..the memories are too precious to let go! I stand a few inches away, yet your tranquil body tortures me. I feel constrained to utter a word. My lips begin to tingle, my tongue thickens, and my mind gradually forms into a blank space.
We are both present physically. I sense my soul jumping out and grabbing yours. My selfishness needs you here with me! This out- of- body experience is surreal.
“Why can’t you just wake up”?!
My feeble knees buckle as I lean over to kiss your cheek one last time.
Flashback of your soul lives in my heart; therefore, your heart beats one with mine until I get to see you again. 13 years have gone by…..
Grandma (Tata), I LOVE YOU!!
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