My Janelle and Jacob

My Janelle and Jacob
          All I need in this life of sin is me and my JJs, me and my JJs (From a song….changed the!
My biggest accomplishments thus far, (besides my independence) are my Janelle and Jacob!
To some people, popping babies out left and right isn’t nothing but a chicken wang (wing).lol To me, it’s way bigger than that. 2 lives grew inside of me! That’s a miracle!
They work my nerves sometimes, took my good genes and left me with the bad….but it’s all worth it! I’m blessed to be my JJ’s mother!
Thank you Lord for blessing me twice! Thank you for their smiles, unconditional love, their contagious laughs, their personalities! I pray you guide me into teaching my babies about your love. I pray you guide me to raising Janelle into a lady and Jacob into a gentleman. Everything is possible in your name! For you are the Way, the Truth, and the light!
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