One of My Testimonies

One of My Testimonies
            Over 4 years ago, I was at the lowest point in my life….
I was a lost soul looking for answers in the wrong direction. I questioned God, my family, my friends, and even my babies. I was betrayed, scarred, deceived, etc...
My parents ALWAYS showed me the good side of life, but never really explained about the bad. I truly didn’t believe some people could be so cruel, especially blood relatives.
Anger and confusion took over for an entire year. My parents DID NOT give up on me. My father kept reading scriptures to me. At the time, I wasn’t interested in listening. It took my father to grab me by the arm and tell me about myself. I finally broke down and allowed myself to reflect on what went wrong. I had to wake up from the nightmare I was living.
Lessons learned and I would like to share:
1.      Parents, instill God’s word in your children. No matter where they go in life, they WILL return to what they were taught.
2.      When you go through hell, EMBRACE IT with open arms. That’s what builds the soldier in you!
3.      Evil is just as alive as GOOD….you can’t dodge it.
4.      Life is unfair, but this is all temporary.
5.      DO NOT put your trust in human beings. Your business should be between you and our Heavenly Father. We have the problems and He is the solver!
God Bless you all! Mwauh!
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