Quick Lesson Learned

Quick lesson learned:
        Any type of relationship WILL NOT work out without God being the main focus in the structure of the unity!
We need God’s light to shine on every step we take. Without the light, we will surely be lost in to the dark! We also need accountability and community. People that truly love us, will hold us accountable and let us know when we stray away from God. The community ties in with the accountability…for example: when we have a sin that is weighing on us… after repenting to our Lord, the fact that we can share it with the community we surround ourselves with will definitely lift the feeling of pain, anger, fear up and away from us.
The devil likes for us to isolate ourselves in the sins we commit. We were not built with fear and guilt, but with God’s image and His love!
May God Bless and protect you all J
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