I haven’t hit 30 yet and these are the health conditions I’ve experienced already:
Minor stroke, Glaucoma, cysts on my ovaries, high blood pressure, suffered with ear infections/issues for 12 years (had to learn sign language), pneumonia, bronchitis, flu, psoriasis, vitiligo, arthritis in my knees….not sure if grey hair is one ( I claim them to be my highlights now) lol.
No broken bones, but fractured different ones: left ribs, and both ankles.
Almost died: A car accident back in 2004, during labor with Janelle, that stroke made me feel like I was close to dying, and when I had pneumonia, bronchitis, and the flu last year….
I shared all of that to say this: even with all of the above, I’M STILL BLESSED TO BE HERE. That alone, pushes me to stay positive! I’m SO thankful!
Smile, we have plenty of reasons to!
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