Luvaholic Prayers

 Please build a Hedge of Thorns around Mike, keep him from wandering from me - separate him from his current distraction. Restore us and unite us in marriage. Pray that he forgives me and opens his heart to me again. I asked him for counseling and he said no, so I ask for a softening of his heart. Please pray that he and I can start praying together and studying the Bible together. LORD,help him to choose me and a future for us. Send someone to talk to him and give Mike ears to hear

 Please Dear Lord,hear my prayer. My thoughts are weighed down by my finances and they are causing me great anxiety.I have great faith that you will show me the path I need to take to ease my burdens.Grant my family ,and myself, protection from those who want to do us harm,and let us find a new place to live by the end of the month.I know all things are possible through your love and divine grace,in Jesus name I pray. Amen. 

 Lord thank you for a rebirth of my son's Anthony's spirit. Lord he is blind in one eye now and is getting older. Help him to mature and to open his heart to you Lord. That he may seek you above all things and not the things of the world. Fill him with your peace and lead him to good things. May he always make the right decisions in everything he does. Surround him with good God loving people and protect him always. Amen

 Today is my birthday and I feel so used and abused. Last night a friend wanted to spend time with me and I was so excited. But things took a turn for the worst and they completely violated me. I feel so violated and used and abused that I don't know what to do with myself. I've spent my birthday crying and praying to God for relief from the physical and mental pain this person put on me. I just don't understand why some people don't understand that no means no. I want this person to see the error of their ways but I don't wish bad on them. Please pray that God will heal my mental and physical scars.

My unsaved loved one have gone astray or never knew Him. Lord God is seek her and call out her name. You know everything about her including her thoughts, feelings,  parents, her life. He knows and understands why she acts the way that she does, because He was and is always there. He knows her uniqueness, He knows everything about her and  wants you back safe. Please find Your little sheep and save her. In Jesus name Amen  
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