Luvaholic Prayers

I need to be stress free from grandsons like i seem to not be able to let it go and end up with high blood pressure over all this pray for me to be able to let this go it seems to be getting worse and not better pray for all to work out and for grandson to stop asking me to always make things right for him when the others start something and not finish it .God Bless

Please pray i would have a very enjoyable time in the Lord and my headphones would not break or be destroyed and nothing bad would happen to me I would not be mocked or treated mean please pray the Lord would lead me by his Spirit to the right people in Jesus name Paul here

Dear Lord, Thank you for all the many blessing in my life.  I need you Lord. I come to you humble and broken. I pray for this request from the bottom of my heart.   Please open Ben's eye's and know that he needs to leave the past in the past and move forward with his life.  Ben knows the past was unhealthy. Please grant Ben a voice to say out loud the past over and done and he is able to move forward with his life.   I pray for Ben to focus on the future of a new life with me (Amber) & for Ben to let go of his past relationship.  I pray that you put people in Ben's life that will help him see that he needs to leave his past relationship in the past and move forward with a relationship with me.  I pray that you will open Ben's heart to growing in love with me. Lord you know how I feel about Ben and how much he is what I need in my life Lord.  I pray that Ben's eyes are opened to see that I am the right choice for his life and that Ben realizes I am the one Ben is meant to spend the rest of his life with.  Lord, I pray that you will bless Ben and me with a life happy Christian life together and you will bless me and Ben with having Ben's child that we have talked about and both want. Lord please show Ben a bright future with me and grow Ben and me closer together each minute of each day.  Lord, I am seeking, asking, and knocking without ceasing, please hear my prayers from the bottom of my heart.  Lord please bless my life and Ben's life with these request.  All this is asked in your most holy and precious name. Amen

Dear Lord God, in Jesus name Jill and me pray to you and praise you and thank you for powerfully intervening and working on our behalf in regards to Beryl. K Thank you that you are rebuking all nasty, sinful attitudes and words and thoughts out of Beryl. Thank you for softening Beryl's heart. Thank you that "G" will talk to Beryl and help her to see she has been so spiteful to Jill and thank you that Gary will show complete love and support to Jill and me about the cruise and our loving relationship all the time. Lord, thank you, that you will work miracles and help Beryl see and lovingly accept that Jill does not want to go away for this cruise, help Beryl to see that she is wrong for forcing the issue. Lord, thank you that this cruise will be cancelled really soon and all the relationships between Jill and Beryl and me will be much stronger and much more loving and every one of our family and friends will all be and show love and support and regard to Jill and me and our beautiful loving relationship and marriage to be. Help Jill and me to find genuine forgiveness to Beryl and all others, please take captive of our minds and hearts and free us Jill and me from our very deep seated strongholds and overwhelm us both with all the fruit of Holy Spirit, in Jesus name we pray,Amen

Father Lord I come to you now to say thank you for all ur mercy ur grace and everything in life . Father i lift all my fighting my battles ... My worries cries ... My heavy heart ... My marriage .... M6 husband. Claudel..for you to make a big change on him.. And all the people that he s in a intimate relationship with ......specially that lady with the Nissan's maxima car. Oh Lord. Please i need peace in my spiritual mind and peace with all the enemy visible and invisible that bothering my heart . thank you Lord
Please Father hear me out and answer my prayers and all of us prayers in your mighty name that I ask amen .

 Father please help my mum and brother to get out of this situation with triumph and rejoice in You. Father we need a big miracle please Father don't delay. You are my only hope and deliverer. I ask this in Your Holy name Amen.
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