Luvaholic's Prayers

The Encourager 
         Please pray for me. I have piles, let it go away in Jesus name and there should not be any surgery I need a miracle lord there should not be any pain I need miracle I ask this in Jesus name

        Need healing of eyes, stomach and ears. Please, Yeshua heal me. 

        First of all, Thanks God for everything you have given us Please pray for me, for Wisdom to have positive thoughts, I'm a getting depressed. Pray for a good night sleep the whole night for me my sister and sis that also have the same sleep problem, when I don't sleep I wake up at 4 am . Pray and I declare I will find employment in my field or a well-paid job outside the education sector soon. Peace of mind, and be secure of myself, to not feel ugly and a failure. Financial wisdom and prosperity. Do not let evil and bad mouth prosper against us. I bless God and Jesus my loved ones and also everyone on this site I ask for blessing also for God and Jesus my loved ones and everyone on this site To keep a good loving heat In Jesus name Amen
Please pray that Venasa and Ester will get employment soon. Amen.

        God get me an apartment for me to live in with my children. My parents are old took me n son in are helping us. But we are becoming a burden on them. I don't want them to get sick. Please Lord an apartment as soon as possible in Jesus Christ name amen. 

        Lord Would you be so kind to Help our dog being smarter.. I get headaches from hearing it from you know who.. I would really appreciated :) Thanks

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