Luvaholic's Prayers

        Father if it's your will open the doors and I will get accepted for the grant for single Moms and I can finish my Bible College I will get the 5,000 and be able to afford the counselor class now all this according to God’s will and his promises right now.

 Heb.4:12 Quick and powerful in Jesus Name Amen

        Pray that I say and do what I need to for my court case. Pray that I will win my case, so that others will not go through what I did at this job.

        Thank you all who prayed for my little dog Mini B she did eat a little bit this morning but still is not acting right please keep her in your prayers thank you all and God Bless

        I pray that I can get hired full time at a job close to home.

 In Jesus name,


        Friend Finds Work: He is a Union Carpenter. May he get his name on all the county lists in our state. Quick hire for a long contract. Thanks in Jesus' Name.

        Father please open up heaven and bring in peace between Luis and I right now remove all our anger bitterness resentment lies all bad fruit towards each other and replace it with the blood of Jesus over our relationship and our health everything the enemy has used against us all these years flip for good now in Jesus Name Amen

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