Luvaholic's Prayers

          Father I pray for my friend to continue seeking You and keeping faith in You. May Your will be done in his life. Father I pray for his protection from evil who is trying to destroy him. I rebuke satan and his army to stay away from my friend. Father I pray for Your intervention in his situation, he's Your child who is lost in the darkness. Father only You can bring him back. Please Father I pray for miracles to be happen soon when he will tell me his testimony. I want to see him happy and bless. Father please Change his thoughts and keep him calm. I cover him in Your blood. I believe all my prayers have answered in Jesus name Amen

          Dear Father, I lift up Gracianti unto You and humbly ask Your guidance on her mind so that she remembers to settle this recruitment issue. Please also bless her with wisdom and understanding of Your love so that all the things she does in this case are based on her faith in You and please help her to move out from any doubts as if she is in doubt then she will get nothing. Thank You, Father. In Yeshua Hamashiach's name I pray. Amen!

          First of all,Thanks God for everything you have given us Please pray for me, for Wisdom to have positive thoughts, I'm getting depressed. Pray for a good night sleep the whole night for me my sister and sis that also have the same sleep problem, when I don't sleep I wake up at 4 am . Pray and I declare I will find employment in my field or a well-paid job outside the education sector soon. Peace of mind, and be secure of myself , to not feel ugly and a failure. Financial wisdom and prosperity. Do not let evil and bad mouth prosper against us. I bless God and Jesus my loved ones and also everyone on this site I ask for blessing also for God and Jesus my loved ones and everyone on this site To keep a good loving heat In Jesus name Amen

          Thank you Soccer gods for the win yesterday.
Thank you Luvaholics for the love that you show each and everyday day on the blog. I pray you all have a great day.

          I get cheap internet great deal a free or cheap flute for my daughter that works great and Jody brings laptop we sign up of grants easily and I get home loan great deal Jehovah Jireh your will fast

cheryl d
          Please pray for my 74 year old mother, she fell and fractured her wrist, she is very sore all over from falling and her wrist hurts very much. Please pray for a quick complete recovery. Thank you. Cheryl d.

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