Luvaholic's Prayers

            Jesus Let things At The Barber Shop Go Well! In Jesus Name We Pray Amen!

            I speak all this into existence: 100 fold right now all the way into the physical Father move every mountain In the way over Daniel and protect him from all evil in jail have him released from there with extraordinary favor from them to release him early right now. Please protect Daniel from his cells that Daniel will be set free because he is giving him grief no extra time for Daniel only favor for Daniel in Jesus Name Father bring your protection please over me and Daniel right now our kids and parents remove Janelle have her completely let go easily bring her a nice Christian man fast make her desires
Your Desires Lord for her life and her trying to bring her evil near Daniel and I also all His Exs remove Them and help them move On with their life make their desires your desires set Daniel free from all of Satan’s traps in his life and mine give Daniel strength, more love a new deep love have him fall in In love with you again God and me even deeper then before give him desires
To be a Godly man a faithful honest Husband to me all this right now Heb.4:12 Quick and powerful according to your will Lord in Jesus Name amen

            Please Lord Jesus Let the Meeting Of My Veterans VA Worker Go Well Tomorrow! In Jesus Name We Pray Amen!

            Oh Lord I ask that you bless me indeed and enlarge my territory, and ask that you keep your hand on me, and would keep me away from evil so that I may not cause pain!” 1 Chronicles 4:10Thank you Jesus for giving my wife the encouragement & word's she needs to approach me. Thank you Jesus for helping her get over her fear of hesitation towards me and removing her flesh and stubbornness & filling her with the holy spirit as she surrenders to you Father. Also in Jesus name continue to give her a hedge of protection and keep her covered in the blood of Jesus as she begins to seek you. Thank you Lord for giving my wife the wisdom and discernment she needs to hear your beautiful voice as you lead us back together... In Jesus mighty name we pray... AMEN & AMEN

            I claim my holiness, which is in Christ Jesus. I am part of His body and my Father sees me as holy because I abide in Him. He sees the blood of Jesus instead of my sin so I shall not boast. He is my Redeemer! I pray this in Jesus Holy name Amen

Almost Broke
            Praying to the Lord that my house will be sold soon in order for me to get out of debt.  Thank you all for your prayers

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