Luvaholic's Prayers

My heavenly father,

            I bow down to ask renewal of my strength. Every time when I hit a rock on my path, I started to feel angry and depressed. I didn't ask for anything back from looking after the grandmother (with Alzheimer's) of my husband, but purely want to help out. But the others tried to make my life even worse by manipulating my aim and cause troubles during my important exams. And now I am heading nowhere in my career and am despaired and tired. Lord, I really hope you saw my heart and will give me a fair judgment. I lived there and served her for more than 2 years, and all I had back is great depression and unjustified degree certificate. Lord, I am so angry, I am angry they doubt my purpose and pretend I have an ugly heart like theirs. I hate the fact they are enjoying themselves, while I wash myself with tears.

            Every disease sickness infection sores rash fear injury in my body Luis Daniel My children parents is dormant will not show up on tests and will not affect us anymore with bad side effects we are healthy and all feeling great until completely healed by the stripes of Jesus in Jesus Name Amen

            I ask for prayers for two brothers and their families who are bitterly angry and fighting with each other. They are in serious danger of destroying a business they have worked very hard to build. I pray for communication and for hurt feelings and hardened hearts to be healed. 

            I am being over charged for my rent, and today I have to make a call to whose over the leasing manager and everyone in the office, to report this problem, before I make the call, I just want to pray that God will be with me and help me get this problem adjusted and get this balance lower than what it is, because I know this incorrect. Please Lord, don't let these people give me a hard time, and let them recalculate this overcharge. I also pray that I can go take my test for school and that my scores will be high and for my transcripts to be accepted. I pray that my check is here by Friday, Lord, I need you to work wonders and miracles in my life right now.

***Thank you so much for sending your prayer in. Luvaholics, feel free to email me at with your prayer requests. Subject line “LuvaholicsPrayer” with either #public (to share with everyone) or #private (to keep between you and me and our Heavenly Father) beside it. Thank you for your cooperation
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