Luvaholic's Prayers

                God, Thank you for my wonderful mother. She has raised me, taught me, loves me. God, I pray I can use the manners and respect always with my mother she has taught me. God, I pray that just because someone is mad at me, they won't do nothing to my family or those I love. God, I pray to be well behaved and mannered. God, I pray for rest and peace. God, I pray in the name of Jesus! Amen!
May God hear and bless all of your prayers and needs!
May God hear and bless all of your prayers and needs!

                My nephew likes his job but he's having a hard time dealing with some things there right now and he's an emotional wreck. Please pray that he can have complete mental, physical and emotional healing and that things get better for him at work. Also pray that he will accept Jesus as his savior. Thank you. 

                There are still a lot of grief and pain in my heart and soul! Let us pray for complete healing, restoration and blessing!

                Thank you all for praying for me. I'm asking you to pray now for a little boy called Franky. He has terminal brain cancer and is now on hospice care. Understandably, his mother is very sad and scared and is asking for as many prayers as she can get. Please keep this family in your thoughts. Let us pray for healing, peace, comfort, strength, faith and courage for them. Amen.

                In the name of Jesus, I bind up these demons, pride, ego, bitterness, stubbornness, rebellion, selfishness, unforgiveness and control and I command them to leave me, my home, wife and marriage and that you shut them down and destroy them in the name of JESUS. I also cut all ungodly silver cords in Jesus Name. Oh Lord I ask that you bless me indeed and enlarge my territory, and ask that you keep your hand on me, and would keep me away from evil so that I may not cause pain!” 1 Chronicles 4:10
“O Lord God, please remember me and please strengthen me…” – Judges 16:28
"Father, I thank you that you have heard me. I know that you always hear me."  – John 11:42
“To you, O Lord, I lift up my soul. O my God, in you I trust, let me not be put to shame; let not my enemies triumph over me." - Psalm 25:1-2

Lord, I also ask You to send angels to do battle for me here on earth and in the heaven lies against every source of wickedness. (Heb 1:14, Psalm 103:20.)
I ask you Father to cover and surround me, my wife, family, properties, cars, pets and material assets with the precious BLOOD of the Lord Jesus Christ. (Rev 12:11)
I ask that the precious BLOOD of the Lord Jesus Christ will also cover my body, soul and spirit as well as my mind, will, emotions and heart. (Heb 9:14.)
I am complete in Him, redeemed, cleansed and sanctified by the precious blood of the Lord Jesus Christ. (3 John 1:7)
Therefore the devil has no place in me and no power over me. (Rom 16:20)
I ask You, Heavenly Father, to place Your hedge of protection around about me and Val (Job 1:10)
Please hide us under the shadow of Your wings and surround us as with a shield and hold us in Your righteous right hand. (Psalm 91:4, Psalm 5:12, Psalm 108:6)

Lord, I claim Your promises. Your Word says: that You will fight for me (Deut3:22)it will not be by might nor power but by Your Spirit (Zech 4:6)because of my weakness You will become strong in me. (Heb 11:34)

Thank you Lord for covering Valeria in the blood of Jesus & keeping your hedge of protection over her & having your way with her and thank you Lord for keeping our marriage in the palm of your hand and covering it in the blood of Jesus. Thank you Father for sending your Godly earthly angels her way just as you did for me
Thank you Lord for removing all of the bad friends and influences who were attempting to break our marriage. Thank you Jesus for breaking down the barriers that she built around herself so that she can see and feel your love for her also father do not allow her to rest easy without knowing what you want from her. Thank you for breaking away any woman or man attempting to steal my marriage away from me because you said Jesus, that no man shall ever come between what I brought to together. And Father please cover these people in the blood of Jesus and also give them anything they need, have mercy on their souls and have your way with them. Thank you Father for continuing to intercede into my marriage and remove all things that where preventing reconciliation and restoration in Jesus name. Also in Jesus mighty name heal and fix the depression, confusion and self-esteem issues with my wife, also give her comfort and strength to let go and have forgiveness in her heart. In Jesus name also give her positive images of us together as you have done for me. In Jesus Mighty & Powerful name we pray AMEN& AMEN...

                I believe God as my heavenly father, who loves me and shown me a way that is JESUS. I am praying for my needs and open door for ministry. I request you to join with me and uphold me so that God can help me.

                Please pray for me, I need God's help. I am hopeless. I pray that God will help me through this difficult time. I love someone will all my heart and soul. I believe that he loves me too, but has made poor choices. My belief is often tested, but I continue to believe that we will be united in marriage. I pray that that day is soon, but many times it seems further away than ever. I pray that God will intervene for me and bring my love to me

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