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silverio reynoso wil
        Dear lord thank you for everything, please continue to bless me with my job I know I can do it, please help I need this job and only you can make this possible, forgive me for everything lord please help , help with my children I don’t want to lose them, I already have.. Please help restore this. Thank you also help my brother please calm him down let him get his place back so we don’t end up mad like the rest of our family, please take care of rosy and robin, bless my kids open their hearts and minds please.. Thank you lord but above all thank you and i love you continue to guide me love me so patience... thank you amen

        Let us pray, the Lord to strengthen me and bless me financially. I know that Christ is a merciful God and will not leave me destitute. Let us pray for large financial prosperity in my life. Let us pray the Lord to build me to be very wise and reasonable in terms of finance that He gives me. Let us pray this building to be lasting and real. Let us pray the Lord to be very merciful, bountiful, and gracious for financially to me. Let us pray this is the glory of God, because this is the most important. God bless you

        Please pray for my health that I may be healed totally from all physical challenges I have, and also that my mind and soul be healed and prosper with abundant life.

        Looking for some much needed inspiration on the internet. I really need to hear from God. It never fails that during fasting some really big attack takes place. It usually leaves me feeling like the wind has been knocked out of me. That is what is happening now. Please pray that I find something that will minister to me today & bring assurance that God will bring victory in this situation.

***Thank you so much for sending your prayer in. Luvaholics, feel free to email me at with your prayer requests. Subject line “LuvaholicsPrayer” with either #public (to share with everyone) or #private (to keep between you and me and our Heavenly Father) beside it. Thank you for your cooperation
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