Random Dream:


          Two nights ago, I had an interesting dream. I had a dream that I was pregnant (Ha! lol) In this dream, I was in a room with an ultrasound technician. The room was dark; except for the stationary area where I was laying. When the technician showed me the baby; the baby looked very bright (almost like the light was only coming from the baby) and fully developed. The baby said hi to the both of us. I wasn’t afraid. The technician and I smiled back at the baby. In the dream, I felt at peace as well.

Does anyone else have weird dreams? Lol Feel free to share them with me at wordsbyladyg@gmail.com

Dear Luvaholics,

    I pray you all are having a great day so far! I would love to interact with you all more! Either via email: wordsbyladyg@gmail.com Twitter: Either @arabicdream or @wordsbyladyg Facebook: facebook.com/wordsbyladyg Instagram: @Wordsbyladyg


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