Episode With The JJs :Convo With Janelle

Conversation with Janelle:

Checkbook in my hand.
Janelle: What's that for mommy?
Me: It's a checkbook Juju.
Janelle: I know what it is, remember you taught me. I mean why do you have it in your hand.
Me: To make a payment to the daycare.
Janelle: Ohhhh! I wish it was free so you don't have to waste your money.
Me: 1. Thank you for being thoughtful.
2. It's OUR money.
3. It's not a waste, because you and Jacob have fun. Right Juju?
Janelle: Yes, mommy. I just love you so much. I want to be just like you when I grow up. You're just so nice. You have a big heart. 

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