Luvaholic's Prayers

          ABBA! I ask for forgiveness of all my sins. I ask You to speak to Kenny in dreams, visions, and an audible voice. Let him hear from You as he doesn’t like to hear from me. Place a Hedge of Protection and a Hedge of Thorns around Kenneth J.M.right now and forever. Deliver him from the wales of the enemy, cast out every ounce of confusion, lies, lust, and all demonic attacks from him. Remove Marsheena and every other woman from his thoughts that he lust after. Cut these soul ties off. Expose the truth about each of these women that they never return again. Father I am fighting for my family, and refuse that any demon will separate this family. Marsheena is a married woman and I pray she returns to her family and the vows she took to You and her husband. God You have the Glory, and I know You Can do all but fail. So I Praise You, I give You Your Glory, and I see You moving! You have not brought me this far to leave me. In the Name of Jesus! Amen!

          I ask for a miracle. I believe in them and keep hope alive till the end, but I am very worried. My mother-in-law was diagnosed with breast cancer last year and after chemo and double masectomy now it has spread to her liver and one of her lungs. I know God can heal her. We are just not ready to let her go. Please pray for a miracle from Him. Pray so that she is healed.

          Lord God Jesus thank you for another day. We praise, adore, bless, glorify, love You. Bless us all here and answer all our pleas. You know the needs of everyone. Jesus we trust in You. Amen

          I pray my parents will not let their politics keep them from embracing Jesus. Please save them because they are old. Keep them and the rest of my family and friends healthy and safe. Please give good health to my two dogs as well. In Jesus name I pray Amen

Please pray for me to overcome my temptations.

I pray in lord Jesus name.


          DEAR LORD, please MAKE ME MORE SENSITIVE AND ATTENTIVE TO YOUR VOICE so that I can do Your Will and take the right steps of faith. THANK YOU. Amen

          Well "D" and I talked yesterday and it didn't go so well cause he kept bringing up the past but towards the end he said he still loves me. So it's a good start. Thank you God, Jesus and everyone who prayed. Please continue to pray for my relationship restoration with "D". Pray no woman or man will come in between us. Pray Satan stop attacking us and just leave us alone to be happy together. God put marriage in his heart with me so I know God has a wonderful future for us together. I claim him as my husband. I love him so much and miss "D" with all my heart. Pray he continue to call me or text me. I made a promise to stay sexually pure until we get married and I am sticking to my promise. God knows my heart. Pray God move mountains and bring back that deep true love "D" has for me and take away all that anger, hatred, pride, grudge he has towards me from the past. I'm not giving up. God put him in my life for a reason and I'm going to keep doing what God has put in my heart. Thank you and God bless you. I pray this and declare it in Jesus name Amen!

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