Luvaholic's Prayers

            I speak and declare into existence 100 fol in my life right now no more warfare everything the enemy is using for bad in my life flips for good no more spirit of poverty God Jehovah Shalom Adonai because I tithed open my home open up heaven and send your Holy Army of angels to remove my warfare and deal with my Mother Father Christina Daniel everyone that I have been helping and me help us all fast 

            As I fell under power Pastor saw a Prophetic mantle on me mingled with brown color. I want to start moving in this round and I ask you to pray for my future calling because I hear God but not so often. Because it is the Holy Spirit that speaks through a person. Please pray wisdom and understanding on the subject. God Bless you all who pray 

            Praying to God that my house will be sold soon in order for me to get out of debt.  Thank you all for your prayers.

            I asked for myself and would like to ask for your prayers for my current boss. She is a single parent who has many responsibilities put on her shoulders. She has gotten to the point where she uses anger and threats towards her employees as motivation. I know in her heart this isn't the person she is. Please Jesus enter her heart and help her to treat our employees with the respect and consideration that they earn and deserve. Bring her help that will make her job less stressful. Forgive me if I have added to her stress but understand that I cannot treat anyone other than the way I believe I should. I pray that you watch over all concerned and keep them safe in your love. Thank you for your prayers for this woman. Amen

            Dear Father, I want to confess that I could not control my anger this morning. Father, please bless me with Your Spirit so that I can forgive my own mother. Please help me to trust that she is going to be fine and will not use any situation to break my relationship with my brothers and relatives. Father, I am confess that I am hurt to her unfair treatment. Please intervene her mindset on cultural bondage and her ego. Father, You have chosen us to be her daughters, please therefore speak in her heart and bless her with wisdom so that she can treat us fairly as what she always does to my brothers. Father, please bless me with healing from this hurt, and please help me to forgive her. Please also bless her with an understanding that I need her spiritual support during this time of difficulty. Father, I lift up this prayer unto You in the name of Yeshua Hamashiach. Amen!

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