Luvaholic's Prayers

        Hi my mom is in the hospital with ammonia on the brain. Please pray for her? 

        Lord I pray that my children come to know You, trust You, and have complete faith in You throughout all areas of their lives. I ask that You continue to protect them and that You lead them to share their blessings in order to become blessings in the lives of others. Thank You for all You have done for us, what You are doing for us, and what You will do for us. I also ask that You bring my family and friends closer to You and that my life can be used as an instrument to assist. In Jesus' name I pray, Amen 

My Lord,

        Thank You for all of Your daily blessings. You are Amazing my Lord. Please Father come to my need. Please Lord open the lines of communication between. My boyfriend and I so that I hear from him this morning, today,tomorrow, and always. Please Lord soften his heart towards me and place me in his heart and mind so that he is reminded of me. Please Father remove any negativity, fears, anxieties, and above all cast out any opportunity for infidelity. May he always be loving, faithful, affectionate, and patient towards me. Please Lord may I hear from him soon. In Jesus name I pray and claim my miracles. Amen!

God Bless you all for your prayers.

  Mercy and grace 
         Please heal me Lord, have pity on me.  

        Father God thank You for cleaning me of my sins and for answered prayers. Thank You for the faith, patience and trust to know that miracles are coming and that my prayer requests will be granted today. IJNIPA 

        Please continue to pray for me I will continue to do the right thing in order to be blessed. Please also pray for my health. May God Bless You. 

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