Luvaholic's Prayers

        My hope is only in God's mercy! Let us pray, the Lord to strengthen me and blessed me financially! I know that Christ is a merciful God and will not leave, me and my family destitute! Let us pray for a financial breakthrough and prosperity in my life. Let us pray the Lord to build me to be very smart, mature, wise and understanding in financial and in terms of finance that he gives me. Let us pray this building to be lasting and real. Let us pray the Lord to be merciful and gracious to me financially. Only a miracle of Jesus can save me! God bless you!

         For God's favor upon me for stubborn tenant in my property to quit before or on 31st July 2014 when his tenancy agreement will end. 

        Thank you God for saying no. I can't imagine if I had my prayers answered yes what kind of a mess my life would be in now. 

        Please pray for the need of delinquent taxes to be paid for our family.

New Hope
        I tell you do not judge prayers or you will be judge by the Mighty One. Be wise and just pray 

Within 20 minutes of posting my last request, I received a call for a job. I have been offered full-time work starting August 18th!!!!!

 Thank you for praying for me! Thank you Father for this job!!!! Please pray for continued protection over me and my sons and daughter. The four of us are starting over from a terrible divorce from their father and we need continued prayer for our needs to be met.

Starting Over
        Father, we pray for the children's dad to leave his sinful gay lifestyle and for him to stop hurting us emotionally and financially - we pray the children's dad will cease his oppression over us and begin to do what is right!! Please forgive me and my daughter and two sons for harboring resentment and bitterness towards their dad. We ask your forgiveness and we pray for protection.  In Jesus name. 

Mercy And Grace
        Lord look upon this lost man who is so easily drawn deeper into darkness. Save this man, pull him out of darkness into everlasting life. You, who are Most High and full of mercy, goodness and justice. Embrace him with your loving grace and peace. Give him deliverance and rest by breaking his chains. Free him by the blood of the Lamb. Wash him clean and give him a new heart. in Jesus name I pray and plead. 

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