Luvaholic's Prayers

        We need prayers for me and wife she lives in bc and I live in Ontario she is transferring to Ontario around October 1st There is problem, cause she needs work before she moves here and I have a very low income and I hope and pray that we have financial security and stability, hoping to get a work myself ,but I don't have a grade 12 and I’m 46 I pray that everything will work out for the time we are planning for her move here in Ontario , I know she is expecting to be here in October, I’m so stressed and anxious ,cause I don’t know if it will be ok, I want it to be ok before October and not knowing what’s going to happen is giving a lot of stress, fear, and anxiety. I feel broken hearted, I’m afraid it won’t happen and she is very stubborn that she won’t talk to me if I don't get her, over here. also she is 41 and we need blessings and prayers so we can have a baby, cause we want one, we thought she was pregnant at first but then she had menstruation and she looks like she’s carrying a baby but she’s not, please pray for me and my wife and our future with all of our family, thank you Jesus amen



        I just keep forgetting the things I learn that will help me figure out things, that I learned from the Bible and others

Please remind me when I can’t think of what will help me

Thank you

In Jesus name amen

        Lord God I sent out an email to my fellow classmates asking them important information about the exam tomorrow and no one has emailed me back. Lord would you please place it upon one of my classmate’s hearts to email me back with the information that I need for the exam. Lord I ask that you be here with me studying and taking the exam. I pray that you bless me with your wisdom to be able to understand the problems. Jesus I thank you for blessing me. Amen.

        Lord, I am going through a hard time. Every time I think I have a near break through, I wind up back in a tough situation. My rent is due this week, and my light bill was due 2 weeks ago. What am I gonna do? All week I have been dealing with people and their rude attitudes. I dislike saying this Lord, but I have been having the worse time dealing with African American people, and I'm actually African American, but I have yet to come across a black person that doesn't give me a hard time. I paid all my loans back in good timing, but still the black lady I spoke with on the phone gave me a hard time to get another one. I'm not trying to hurt you Lord by saying this, but you know it's true, and if not that's the feeling I'm starting to get. It's people period, I am always nice and polite when doing business with someone but I have the roughest time. Lord please help me, I'm depressed and it's tempting me to give up

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