Luvaholic's Prayers

Blessed by mercy
            Please pray for God's healing. I have constant pain and limited flexibility in my hands. My son is traveling, please pray for his safe return home. Amen


            Dear Lord, I just want to thank you for all that you have done for me. I have witness your blessing in my life and I ask that you continue to show up in my life and to continue to stay in my corner. The struggle is hard and the enemy is always lurking to find ways to intervene in my life through finances, children and etc. I ask for your prayers in protection and all ways possible to protect me and my family. I also pray that this contractor’s job ends up to be a full time position. I pray and ask in Jesus name Amen.

            Please pray for Andy, Chris and Fred, for their health and guidance. Many thanks. 

            #! still running fever (3 weeks) and don't know what to do. Doctor doesn't even want to talk to me anymore about it. Don't know what to do :(. Something is definitely wrong.

730 Leo
            Thank you lord God for sending Christ Jesus to die for our sins. Please send your helper the holy spirit to help us all. Please forgive us Lord for all our sins and cleanse us from all unrighteousness. Heal us all in spirit and strengthen us. Protect and shield us from all evil forces and works.
Lord I come and seek your kingdom for healing & curing of all illness, sickness, curses, diseases, infection to every cell, tissue, organ and body system in my body. Please lord accept and give my find for healing in Jesus name. Lord accept our prayers and prayer requests in Jesus name we pray Amen.

            Pray that my customers will return their paperwork so I can get paid and that I will be busy 

            Greeting ,Lord I ask in the name of JESUS to be set free from the burden of debt and cry out for a financial breakthrough in the name of JESUS I am the only one that is working and it is hard supporting the family and my grandchildren ,my eldest grandson is like my own his mother is not working and I struggle to pay his school fees it is in arrears of R5800-00 and I don’t have the money to pay it please pray for open doors for my daughter Devonia and for deliverance from all demonic spirits in control of her and to be set free in the name of JESUS also for my son Linden for an open door and for deliverance and for their salvation and to be separated from this wrong friends also my husband has been gone for almost 7 months I believe he is busy with another woman pray that the lord must take control he does not even phone he is all in the world drinking and partying like a young man all this is getting too much God Bless B

LadyG (Yours truly)
            Hi Luvaholics, today I come to you all to join me in prayer for every single soul on this Earth. My heart is truly heavy; especially for innocent lives taken against their will. My mother’s side of the family are in Jerusalem. Sadly, war is not the only devastating reality we all have to face.  Please pray and spread as much LOVE as possible! We need each other!

I was up last night thinking about how much this world needs prayer!
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