Luvaholic's Prayers

            Please pray for me. I pray that I will pass my permit driving test this Saturday! I n Jesus' name. :) 

            Please, Father, surround Glen with Your protective Angels each day. Work in every area of his life, please. You know better what he needs. Help him to become the kind of man who is pleasing to You. Nothing is impossible for You. Thank You Father. 

            *******PRAISE REPORT******Thank you for allowing the phone to ring back we need. So we can make accounts for work.. Thank you friends. 

Sirius Draconic
            Dear God, As a mortal man there is doubts that plague my me deeply, and these things I am about to mention are my every phobias, please King Jesus assist me to make peace with my fears. . . Hell/Failures, True Evil/Myths, History/Hate, Unknown/Arcane, Religion/Cults, Boundaries/Will/Limitations, Sin/Injustice, Death/Mortality, God/Glory, Taboo/Obscenity, War/Violence, Horror/Hostility, Profoundness/Heartache, Discipline/Judgment. I don't yearn that my life is baleful or profoundly serious all I really yearn for is Supreme peace. If you will King Jesus come in my life console me and let me know in any ways that things are blessed. I yearn to eternally except your just offerings and yearn to enter paradise. In Jesus name Amen. 

            My father in law is withering away to nothing and doctors have not figured out what is wrong with him. Father bless my father in law and heal his body. I also ask that you bless his doctors with wisdom and guidance to diagnose this problem.

            Tommy doesn't hurt Ryan’s truck and fixes it fast no more molec leviathan pride lies infirmity heaviness addictions blocking hindering principalities Midianites spirits strip all power of the enemy break the back with Tommy Ryan’s truck Ryan Daniel Christina and I set us free of all drugs wicked women evil soul ties Jezebel spirit lust evil doers poverty a job for me and Christina school grants for me and Christina God's will right now with the blood of Jesus according to God's will

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