Luvaholic's Prayers

            I have been seeking God for several years now and have been terrified at the thought that I can't be saved. It seems like every time God speak to me it is bad, Things like "John 3:36" but now I am so scared that God has told me I can't be saved! I seen "36:16" in my mind and am scared God has shown me "2 Chronicles 36:16" to tell me that there is no pardon for me! Please ask Jesus to tell me if I can be forgiven!

            Lord I pray so hard and day by day everything is worse. Lord why is this happening? Lord I have so much faith and believe so much in prayer but feel so down when everyday it just gets worse. Lord please hear me please. I beg.

            Dear Heavenly Father, I pray through Jesus' name, Thank You for being in my life and for this beautiful day. Thank You for your Revelation of You to me many years ago. Lord, I humbly seek You and ask forgiveness for my sins and I will forgive those who sin against me. I pray that You Bless them, My Lord. Please Protect me from evil, O Lord.

            Today lei and my Mom clean the house while I'm at work easily and help me

            I, my parents, my children, the Husband; God wants and has chosen for me we are all set free Jehovah NISSI send your angels of deliverance to open every prison door and shake and destroy every foundation of wickedness. Bring in breakthroughs for us my Husband in my life that he only wants me and God for his life no more wavering my parents set free from debt my children saved following you Lord, my job in my life daytime great boss and great pay, grants to go back to school, home for me and lei affordable all this right now according to God’s will in Jesus Name Amen 

            Prayer request for all who are in the realm of my influence. That like Abraham I will be a blessing to all nations. Also prayer request for my household, that God will cause a revival of primitive godliness here. And prayer for direction, provision and other silent ones. God bless you all. :) thank y'all in advance.

P.s I also have been in the valley of temptation. And it seems like there is no end to this trail that I am facing. I need help that the Lord in his compassion according to his will, will pass this cup from me. Nevertheless not my will let his be done. But if it be possible I ask that you guys pray that he does.
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