My Heart Aches Right Now

On my heart right now:

We always see commercials for countries seeking help with any donations we could give.

NEVER in my 28 years of life, would I have thought that MY birthplace would be one of them!!!!!

Sad reality....

Every tear that comes down weighs just as heavy as every building that has fallen thus far!!!
My heart screams, yet not a single word is able to come out!
How can I save what has already been written to be destroyed?!
I can't wrap my mind around the thought of humans (no matter the race) willing to take a LIFE away to save their own. Wouldn't that just mean that 2 die for the price of 1?! The individual that has died (physically) and the killer (spiritually).

I'm trying so hard to stay positive. In this very moment, I CAN'T!  My bloodline is being ripped from my veins with every person that passes.

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