Coca Cola Spreading Love (Polar Bears)

I love this idea that coke seems to be doing. I think this happened to me before.  I was way younger. So it's nice to see that they are bringing this around again. I'm sure that this will make alot of people smile and bring joy to them. I wrote a short story about this, it's the Virgo in me.

 BUT  what if the guy (or women) who loaded the machine had just filled it with bears. You get a polar bear and it’s a nice surprise and you put the change in for another coke but you get another polar bear and you’re like "hm that was weird but hey I got two polar bears that’s pretty cool"


You get more and more frustrated each time eventually you give up and sit down on the floor and cry, surrounded by small plushie polar bears

You’re so thirsty
You never wanted this to happen

All you wanted was a coke
All YOU wanted was a coke. 

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