Morning Convo With JuJu Bear

Dear Luvaholics,

Quick conversation Janelle (my daughter) and I had this morning:

Janelle: Mommy, I forgot the password to your phone.

Me: **Love**

Janelle: (chuckles) I knew you have the word love in it, because you’re a luvaholic!

This made my day! It shows how much children pay attention to their parent’s actions! It meant so much coming from her. She looks up to me…in all reality, I look up to her and Jacob (my son).


Here’s some of my ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ energy, take it and spread unconditional LOVE!!! MWUAH!

PLEASE>PLEASE>PLEASE…if any of you need someone to talk to; email me at Tell me how your day is going. I CARE!

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