Luvaholic Prayers

        God is molding me to be a better person in relationships and in patience also in finances. I humble myself before God and ask what is blocking blessings? I humble myself I let my ego die and Jesus take its place. I renounce the spirit of materialism and devote myself in prayer to God. Jesus I Love You. Holy Spirit Precious Spirit of God come over me with the anointing and strength I need. Father bring healing.
 I humbly ask this in Jesus name,
        My toddler has delayed speech. I am asking for prayers that she is okay and that we are able to help her find her words. 
        Dear luvaholic family,
        I need more than ever your support! Let us pray the Lord to build me very strongly established me in this and do not eat and do not give place to any sin in my life! Let us pray the Lord to shut power every open door to sin, demons and secular influence in my life! Let us pray in my life have no place and soil conditions sins demonic influence and worldly influence! Let us pray this be permanent, genuine and glory of God! I pray and wish you God bless you abundantly!
          Our Father in Heaven, Your Name be honored, Your Kingdom Come, Your will be done on earth as in heaven. Give us daily bread, Forgive our debts, We forgive our debtors, Lead us not into temptation, But deliver us from evil, in Jesus Name.  

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