Luvaholic Prayers

 I am begging u to take a moment and pray for my daughter Hannah. God is the only one who knows what she needs. Please just ask him to help her. Thanks

 I have a friend who did three tours of duty in Afghanistan and saw some things not good and has a blood disorder that makes his hands crack and bleed. Lord please heal him and save him. We have a strained relationship because of something that happened long ago and aggravated by a mutual friend. Please heal all of us and restore our relationships in Jesus name I pray Amen

Keep praying for my husband, He left us we pray and believe God will interfere himself in this matter may he realize that the head of every man is Christ.Father, We pray that my husband pays attention to what You say, and that he listens carefully. We pray that Your words to penetrate deep within his heart, for they will bring life and health to him. We ask You to help him guard his heart above all else, for it affects everything he does.we pray the Lord of the harvest to send laborers of the harvest across his pathway to help him, to strengthen him, to guide him, to comfort him in his torment, and to instill wisdom in him. we break off all negative words and declarations spoken over him by himself or by anyone else. He is now free of all captivities and bondages of the devil in his life and body. we bind the demons in his life and body and cast them out of his life and body. we bless him with the life of God. we pray the blood of Jesus over him to cleanse him of all unrighteousness and addictions. Thank you Jesus. Amen

Christ Child
I know him and my mother knows him he is a nice guy and also very helpful one time he picked me and my mother up to visit my aunt. He got into a bad car accident and they had to take him to the operating room. His hips and foot are broken. The car that was behind him hit him very hard and now he is hurt. The worst thing and the saddest thing is that the car accident happen on his birthday. Pray strongly for him that he recovers fast and pray that God heals him pray also that while the recovery he also praise God that he is alive. Pray that he change his life for the better and become a real christian and pray that he serves God for the rest of his life.

 Lord,please hear my prayers,show me a sign that you're here with me.Open doors Lord that I never thought could be open just shower me with the blessings that I deserve Lord.  
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