Luvaholic's Prayers

        Today is my granddaughter’s last day of summer school. I am asking for prayers that she passes and she will be able to go into the 8th grade. And I pray she has learnt from this. Thank you all and God Bless

        Speak and declare into existence 100 fold right now all witchcraft selfish prayers word curses idols sacrifices break the enemies back no more pain inflammation blocking hindering principalities Midianites spirits strip all power of the enemy from my prayers being answered I have my faithful loving clean sober Husband job mon-fri home for me and Lei her flute free or cheap clothes for her Internet schooling Christina lives with me or near me no more stealing killing destroying in our lives John 10 : 10 x7x7x7 enough Lord bring in freedom breakthroughs fast my site back to normal I can thank people pray for people see my site not to small anymore assignments gone loose confusion into the enemy plans right now with the blood of Jesus according to God's will 100 fold

        Dear Lord I ask you to protect and guide the workmen who are building my home. Thank you for protecting me as I go about today and bring me back home safe.

Please protect my family and friends and all those who pray for me. Thank you Dear Lord for all your blessings today and in the future. Thank you for loving me. Please Dear Lord bless me with finances to finish my home and start my own business. Please bless me with financial stability. Help me eliminate all of my debts and grant me continued success in my job in the name of Jesus Christ the Farther, the Son and the Holy Spirit Amen

        Loving, powerful, merciful Creator Thank you for loving me. I ask for my husband, me, and my kids to learn to stay calm in all situations. I ask for us to act not react and to think with our hearts, not our minds. Thank you loving God. I wait patiently and yield to your perfect plan. In Jesus Name! Amen

        For my friend, give good health and a sound mind. Bless her family and bring her good friends, wealth and blessings. Bring joy the desires in her heart come true. Before You do make sure she is saved and filled with Your Holy Spirit and convict her heart to know Jesus as her Lord and Savior in Jesus name I pray Amen

        Lord I come in need. Lord I pray you lay on me on the hearts of all sac. Lord let them all see the good, good efforts, kindness, loyalty and lay me on this thoughts and minds during the day. Lord let them all release negative, anger and rage. Lord I pray this negatively goes away and pray you can speak to them all. Lord even though it's all gone from me, and now I have anxiety and worry, I know you are bigger than anything and can change this situation for the best. I pray you lay me on their minds, thoughts, and hearts and allow good to come from all this negative and heartache. Lord I pray for this miracle and prayer is all that is left in me but I have faith, believe and trust. Lord I pray all gets restored and all I have worked for, dreamed of and good I have done comes back. Lord speaks let others around all sac speak of good so they are reminded. L please allow others to think of their good and speak it. I pray and have faith in you lord. I leave my problems and anxieties on your shoulders and lean on you. I believe in prayer. Amen

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