Luvaholic's Prayers

            I am asking for prayers for a little girl I don't even know. Her name is Rae Rae. She was kicked by a horse and doing great until a horrible infection set in. She is failing and I ask God and anyone that can to pray for this beautiful child.

            I pray my parents will not let their politics keep them from embracing Jesus. Please save them because they are old. Keep them and the rest of my family and friends healthy and safe. Please give good health to my two dogs as well. In Jesus name I pray Amen

            I speak and declare into existence 100 fold right now to death every assignment plan of hell over my life strip the power of the enemy break the enemies back flip everything the enemy is using for bad for good right now I have my faithful loving clean sober Husband job mon-fri daytime school to be an RD my site back even better than before my car payments refinanced even better than before. A better home all this right now according to God's will 100 fold with the blood of Jesus

            Thank you for all your prayers. Jerome and I will be permanent in our positions as of this coming Monday. Thank you Father, thank you Jesus!

            Please pray that I would have a great time today at this meeting with Christians and this bible study would go great in Jesus name this is Paul and it would be powerful and I would get along with everyone

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