Luvaholic's Prayers

          Please pray for me! I have tuition bills due in two weeks and don't have the funds to pay for it. God put this dream in my heart to complete my degree and I know He wouldn't have brought me this far if He didn't plan on seeing me through. I just need Him to see me through sooner rather than later. I need a miracle from Jehovah Jireh!!

          Please pray for healing for those hurting physically in their bodies and for diseases for our Lord’s people I ask for prayer for my wife and her stomach to be healed. In Jesus name!

          I would like to be able to fast again.. search god wholeheartedly.. I know that fasting strenghten the spirit. I know it’s not about effort but about fellowship and strenghtening of God’s will in one’s life. I desire more of the Christ’s yoke that doesn’t burden you...I want to learn more about the burden for the lost. I want to think more like Jesus.. renew my mind and give me courage to be more sharing the love of gospel is the power of salvation...

          Hello to all, I've recently gotten out of the Army and was planning to go to college. The problem that I came into is dealing with VA paying for my school. Since couldn't send information in time, my school had to drop me. This has depressed me and I don't know what else to do. Please pray for me asking God to lead me in the right direction for His purpose. Thank you all and God bless you.

          Thank you brothers and sisters for prayin go my prayers and I have another posted now, I'll be giving myself moments to think of what is really important and for now I'm going to forget about my flaws, problems, troubles, issues and bad habits for our lord to take them away from me at the same time I'm fighting the desperation, force and pressure for it to not take over me and as I've been praying for a special friend, I still hope and have faith and I to still be friends as I don't force or pressure myself to see the beauty, so for a little while I'll be thinking of what I've been focusing on theist and see where it goes from there, in Jesus' name I pray amen

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