Luvaholic's Prayers

            My son is ADS (attention deficit syndrome) according to the occupational therapist and teachers and needs to use Ritalin. He is 8 years old. We are unsure about the effect of this product on him. We do know that he suffers because he can not remember things. But we do need to hear God's perspective on this. Please agree with us in prayer. Thank you 

             Lord PLEASE help me. Every time things are good with me & Ed, my mind starts playing nonsense. Remove those thoughts. I believe WE ARE where we should be RIGHT NOW & It’s all because of YOUR GRACE. 

            Help us Lord! Please, open doors for us! 

             lord, thank you for everything. please god be with me every time and guide me in good path. Lord, please show me a good job with good salary in Singapore with work-permit visa soon by this month end. I know you will make my wishes come true soon. Lord, bless me and family with good health and wealth. Make my wishes come true soon Jesus. Please provide all my needs and wishes come true with your blessings. Thank you Jesus. In your name. amen. 

Heavenly Father,
            I am in financial need and emotional distress. I know that you will get me through this and make me into a better person than I have been. I just ask for help in keeping my faith strong. Help me to understand that you have my best interests at heart and that everything will be okay 

            Please pray that my dad Lloyd and sister Anna experience a supernatural healing of their relationship full of understanding and compassion and love. In Jesus Holy Loving Name Amen! 

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