Luvaholic's Prayers

            I ask for wisdom & discernment, Lord. Bind & expel all addictions, strongholds & evil of any kind from my family & me. Holy Spirit, help us to daily, fully arm myself (Ephesians 6: 10-18).I pray all in Jesus name. 

            PLEASE PRAY FOR THIS - THANK YOU ALL -- Heavenly Father, I lift my husband (Larry), up to You & pray for his complete & total SURRENDER of his heart, to YOUR WILL, for his life. May he be TRANSFORMED by the renewing of his mind & body & become a LIVING SACRIFICE, HOLY & PLEASING, to You, Almighty God. Father, do in him, whatever is necessary to GLORIFY Yourself, in him & whatever is necessary, for Jesus, to be made manifest, TO HIM, IN HIM & THROUGH HIM. For he now, belongs to Jesus & no longer to himself, when he asked Jesus to come into his life, but he has NOT totally surrendered to Your WILL. May Your will, not his, be DONE, in Jesus name. For You, Almighty God, will be GLORFIED & PRAISED, in this DIVINE TRANSFORMATION of Larry's mind & body & through my DAILY prayers. GLORY TO GOD ALMIGHTY. AMEN & AMEN 

            God is so glorious, Almighty, and powerful. I repent of my sins and am so very thankful for forgiveness and unconditional love. Thank you God. I ask that my mom have continued supernatural peace in this changing time of her life. Change for the better and living in the truthful moment. I pray she finds a loving man to experience life with, a true friend and husband. I pray she is HONEST and makes lying part of her past and not her present or future. I yield to you Loving God. In Jesus Loving Name Amen

            Thank you Master Yeshua HaMaschiach of Nazareth for your continued grace and support.. in all aspects of my life. Spiritually, Physically and Mentally too. It is only because of you and Your Father's Grace, who is my G-d the Great Y-H-W-H , that I am able to accomplish things I can never do in ordinary circumstances and I thank you and him for everything in my life. I pray that I can spend more time to devote to Your Word and to be more like Your Father and you want me to live my life. I also bring up my relationship in Lehavit and place it in your Father's hand and your hand, I pray that only your Father's will happens in both our lives. I humbly ask in faith for our relationship to be better then ever before with her Parents and my Parents accepting us together and we keep You as head of our lives Jesus Christ and Your Father. I also ask for forgiveness for the sins I have done as well as Lehavit and her family and my family. Please help me Lord.. Please to be a better man, in Yeshua Hamaschiach of Nazareth's name I pray. Amen.

            Breath on me breath of God. Fill me with life anew. that I may love what Thou hast loved. Breath on me breath of God until my heart is pure and my will will be one with Yours. Blessed Jesus, thank you for filling our hearts with joy and peace. Bless each person who writes prayers to God. Answer according to your will. Bless prayer request staff and workers who give their time for your glory and honor. Please pray that I will be a blessing to everyone I see and work with. Save some lost soul and fill them with your merciful heart. In Jesus name. Amen 

            Lord forgive me for my sin of lust, idolatry and defiling the temple of holy ghost. You see my pain, you see my tears and all of them you have counted, allow this pain, stress, loneliness, fear and what else I feel to turn into joy, let the tree of life grow Lord. You see my heart and know the desires of my heart and I believe that you are granting me that what I desire as you have promised. May all go by your will and perfect timing. May thy will be done Lord. Into your hands I surrender my heart, my soul, emotions and life in common. Please let this trial end, fortify my faith, fortify our team Lord my strength t is totally gone. In the name of Jesus, amen. 


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