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Happy Eunch
          I am a Catholic who appreciates the very well-defined and carefully thought-out doctrines of my Church based on Holy Scripture. They are numerous. Yet the Protestant criticism against rank-and-file Catholics in the pews is very well-deserved (that these Catholics rely too much on good works instead of faith in God's Word). Pray with me that the average Catholic would take advantage of this terrific, 'once-in-a-lifetime' opportunity we have to study God's Holy Word and grow in faith! 

Beloved Of All
          Please pray for my son so that his physical and psychological health will improve and he will be able to keep his job and health insurance.  Also pray that he finds some serenity in his life as he faces major cardiac surgery and other personal challenges.

          On my instagram this boy I kinda like he goes to my church a posted a pic and said pick two and I chose 1&2 (tbh and rate) and he hasn't answered me but answered everyone else and said he will do all.  please pray that he answers to mines. I didn't do anything to him I was being nice. He saw mines and didn't reply. O Lord what have I done? I confess too you pray too you and thank you. Please Lord if I did something wrong forgive me. God please forgive me for I have done a sin. I'm sorry God. I love you and have faith in you. I know you can hear me and you always answer my prayers. Please help me God with this situation. I'm really worried and scared :( Amen. 

          Heavenly Father I want to thank you for a wonderful day with my family. My brother came to town and we all spent the morning at my mother’s house. Thank you Lord for all of us getting along with no arguments. We had a great time together. Thank you for praying with me. God bless 

          Please pray with me that my mother and I find a home. Staying in a hotel has completely whipped my finances out. Jesus I’m praying for a financial blessing to be bestowed upon me right now jesus...I’m asking for help jesus...please bless us right now jesus. please deliver upon us a home today jesus please delivery to us the money to pay first month’s rent and deposit today jesus...please rain blesses and miracles upon us jesus...thank you jesus amen and amen

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