Luvaholic's Prayers

          Let us pray, the Lord to build and strengthen me so: in prayer to pray exactly what God wants and give and to do in my life and the lives of those for i who pray. Let us pray the Lord to build me my prayers always be guided and highly anointed and inspired by the Holy Spirit and my prayers have great power and value before God. Let us pray really my prayers have great power and miracles of God's glory. Pray all this to be permanently, real and for God's glory!

          Please pray for my son Michael. He is currently working jobs that take him away from his family and may be out of his current job very soon due to the contract ending. I pray he can keep his job until he can get something permanent so that my grandchildren can see their father on a daily basis. I pray for him all the time, but what he needs are your prayers. We will be forever grateful. God bless you. 

          Please pray that my daughter will be able to do her new job well and that she is able to keep moving forward with her life. 

          Keep me in prayer, just put in application to the movie place for a second Job. Thanks.

          Thank you Lord for healing me from this awful stomach virus & providing the funds for my electric bill and the coming expected & unexpected blessings including My Full Time Job with Benefits in Pensacola, FL and my Part Time Work, and the Coming Sells of My Items For Sell On Craigslist Today!!

Dear Lord You know my needs & are providing for them. My checking account is overdrawn & I must deposit at least $600 ASAP!!! Funds are coming for the following bills: ecua (water) 8/28 $32.79 by 5 (disconnect if not paid), Geico 8/28 $69.50, Verizon 8/28 $119, Capital One 8/1 $25, Rent 9/5 $525, Directv 9/9 $86.26, Merrick Bank 9/12 $45, & Credit One 9/15 $35.

I Trust and Believe You Lord!!!!
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