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New Beginnings
          I speak and declare into existence 100 fold no more hurt tears witchcraft controlling spirits selfish prayers word curses break the enemies back remove all witchcraft selfish prayers upside down the enemy and use what the enemy is using for bad for good right now quick and powerful Hebrew 4 : 12 x7x7x7 bind these verses to our lives John 10 no more stealing killing destroying in our lives x7x7x7 according to God's will 100 fold with the blood of Jesus

Pookie Boo Bear
          I'm asking for our Heavenly Father to give me strength to have no communication with my husband while he is living with evil in our home. I need to stop so he can fall on his own and see what he had with me, us was true and real. That our Heavenly Father remove the evil and guide him to receiving our love. I pray that our legal separation paperwork be served today, that he opens up to seeing what he did to a beautiful heart and soul like mine was wrong, that our judge grants me all that I'm asking for in our separation. Please pray for healing in our marriage with the serving of these papers. That satan be removed from not only his life but our marriage, home and life that the Heavenly Father strengthen us and guide us together in a stronger loving faithful god abiding marriage. Thank you

          Thank you for all your prayer, God Bless us all.

          I may have a cyst on my ovary burst. I am not in pain I just feel odd nurse thinks it's a cyst. Pray for that please. I am going to be facing a financial strain the next few weeks please pray I am able to meet all my bills.

My cousin Kristy was garnished for a year over an unpaid debt. She is finished with that now but she is still struggles with finances she has 2 children please pray for her. She owes me money and is not able to pay me back I do need the money I have bills as well.

          Pray for my meeting with Christian! Let us pray the Lord richly bless, to glorify and carry out all His will for this meeting.

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