Luvaholic's Prayers

        I need your prayers because I need God to either change circumstances or change me. I'd like a promotion in my work and God's blessings but I have this problem of sounding so incredibly stupid. My resume is deep, thanks be to God, but I need to make a better impression with how I communicate. No way will I advance in my work without God.

        Please pray for my husband to find a job soon, I am becoming very discouraged and downhearted. I am expecting my second child in November and just can’t work anymore, I need God to interfere immediately.

        I have had a bad attitude for a while now, I don't know why it's like I don't have the sunny disposition I used to have. Please pray that this period passes for me I'm ready for a sunny outlook and stop the negativity. Please also pray for a financial matter as well.

        Pray for me and the ministries for saved, healed, deliverance and miracles! The needs are enormous. Longing burns in me to serve the power of God! Let us pray God to anoint me and opened doors! Pray God give me a team of faithful helpers and army of strong Luvaholic warriors!

New Begining1212
        I speak and declare into exsitence 100 fold right now Christina and I are set free from the abuse from Daniel and Tommy they love God and get into a all men program fast and easy according to God's will 100 fold with the blood of Jesus right now quick and powerful Hebrew 4 : 12 x7x7x7

Angel Cali
        Continued prayers are needed due to the toxic and hostile work environment that I currently work in. People are trying to sabotage me prior to my transfer to my new position. Please pray I get to transfer soon. In Jesus name, Amen.

        Our family is in financial crisis. My husband willing to start a new business but we don’t know what to do? God please show us the right path. Wipe our tears...

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