Luvaholic's Prayers

          Christina and I have favor with God and with man Luke 2 : 52 x7x7x7 we are healed by the stripes of Jesus Isaiah 53 : 5 x7x7x7 we are the head not the tail Deut 28 : 13 x7x7x7 no more plans of hell strip all power of oppression break the enemies back now and set me and Christina free from Daniel and Tommy from abuse no more coughing manipulation no more control witchcraft selfish prayers word curses idols sacrifices break affects gone completely According to God's will right now 100 fold with the blood of Jesus 

          Lord God hear our prayers. Grant this site to be a burning light among the darkness of the internet and all of its poison. I pray Lord that we are able to talk to other Christians as we did before on this wonderful God given blog. To get the support during the low times with You guiding every word. This blog is a wonderful help too so many people and is filled with God spoken word.

 I wish to pray for the administrator of this blog and that You be with them and guide them with the wonderful work they are doing to bring the Good News to all. Bless them and be with them every step of the way in their lives. This I ask in Jesus' name, Amen

          Could everyone please pray for my son David and his wife Caitli, they are having major marriage problems and are thinking with bitter hearts, and it’s not just hurting each of them they have 3 beautiful children ages 4, 3 and 6months old that are really going to need help, my 4yr old grandson has taken to sucking his thumb since the problem started and he has never done this before. So please could everyone pray for them to look to God for the right answer'

 thank you and God bless

          My son used to go to Christian school, last year he had to go to the public school. He was constantly picked on bullied and made fun of. The teachers said he was socially immature. He doesn't curse or talk about sex like the other 11 year olds. All he wants is to go to Christian school but I can’t afford it. He is so unhappy. He has been through so much with his father's drinking that I need to make this right for him. Please ask God to enable me to homeschool him or get him a scholarship. 

          God please forgive me for my impatience. And anxious thoughts. God everything I have been through has been very difficult. I love you Jesus and I have never had this much faith. It's hard not to get depressed sometimes. I know things will get better one day. I'm sorry father I'm just so tired of all this, being alone and borrowing just to get by. Please let financial income increase and help me to find Christian friends. Thank you Jesus. In Jesus name I PRAY AMEN 

          Lord help me to relax. Take away all my nervous emotions. Help me with my mind. Clear out everything that should not be in there. Remove all worry, doubt, fear and confusion. Lord may I prosper in every area of my life. Give me the strength I will need to help my son Anthony on Wednesday when his eye is removed. 

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