Luvaholic's Prayers

            I plead a case Isaiah 4 3:26 Micah 6 : 2 Move the mountain no more drama at my job bring in a better job now because I'm not making as much as my old job and I'm upset there so God be my God and bring in a better job now daytime mon-fri
Christina and I have extraordinary favor with God and with man Luke 2 : 52 x7x7x7 we have great daytime jobs mon-fri right now with the blood of Jesus according to God's will 100 fold

            Please pray for my niece. She is heading to a different hospital for them to do a stent and if they can't do that they will do open heart surgery. She is only 39.

            Dear Lord I ask for blessing for my cousin Helen who right now is in critical condition and fighting for her life. She is one of your earth angels Lord doing good at every turn. She is a true believer Lord you know these things yourself. For her husband, Darsen, son, and father I also ask for blessing to help them through this difficult time Lord. Give them strength to be there for Helen. Lord selfishly I ask that you heal Helen as I believe Helen has not finish all that she is here to do. Thank you Lord for all that you have blessed me with, I am truly grateful. Thank you for the prayers, Lorna

            Please pray for a friend of mine. He needs direction regarding his future job. Pray that he is guided and that he can use his talents and that he will enjoy what he will do.

            So I have been at this job now for like 6months.I Am Now Seeing How hard it can be to really get along with one worker in my department, He makes very bad remarks about me believing in Christ and god he also calls himself god and puts me down so he can look better he always corrects me and feels the need to always make me feel bad. I don't like that and people management do not help much and don't really care themselves at all either so I practically have nowhere to go. I am trying to look for full-time job that pays better because I have a goal I am sticking to and not going to let go and that is moving out of my parent’s house and getting car but a job is suppose to help that but my part-time basis seems so disappointing to me they only give me 20hrs per week not much at $8.75 sorry to be so open but I feel so upset because I can’t accomplish my financial goal. Please Pray god would and Jesus would support my goals and help me out here and possible provide another opportunity that's full-time which is what I need right now so I can accomplish my goals. Please Pray for me on these 2 things.

Thank you

Have a Blessed Day And May God Be with you always.

   Thank you so much for everything you've sent my way. Especially all the bad and awful things of late. I really think they have helped me appreciate all the wonderful things I've had, and lost, in the past. Please answer my selfish desires in the way you see fit, please send something good my way, if it's deserved. Thank you.
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