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            Praying for my house to be sold soon.  Thank you all for your prayers.

Dear Lord,

Thank you for everything you have given my family and for answering prayers!

Keep my son M prosper with his family, marriage and job. Give them safety, health, and an anxiety free life. Keep him close to his brother and me. Help them sale their home which is now in contract. Help this transaction smoothly occur. My son J desperately needs a job that is secure in his field. Finances needs to be solely paid by him so he never needs to seek money to help pay for his bills. Keep him safe, positive, and confident as he lives in the city. Help him always be close to his brother and myself. Help my bump on my shoulder shrink and go away soon. Please help it begin to shrink!!!!

 Help me Lord to stay positive and heal. Keep my anxiety at bay. Let me always keep you close to my heart in the good and tough times. Keep me motivated to finish up projects and start preparing for the new school year. Let me help each one of my students’ self-esteem grow as I try to help each student reach their highest potential. Lord, please help all that are on this site that need your blessings. Thank you for taking care of us daily. I love you! In Christ name I ask it! Amen

            Requesting prayers for our midweek services to be delivered to all who suffer loss of a house, ill health, and a broken heart. Jesus can heal us all. His promises are true. We believe in them all. Amen 

            Father God ...praise in the name of the Lord...thank Thee for all the blessings, for 23 years of our marriage, still You are the center of our lives despite of many trials, differences, lies, tears, hopelessness, sacrifices but still were together, help us Lord, guide us bind us with Your love, forgive me Lord for sometimes I want to give up but still love remains in my heart. More understanding, patient and strength to fight these negative thoughts about my husband. Despite of our imperfections, Your love binds us to be a perfect one. Teach us how to be humble and not our pride. I love my family. Forgive me Lord for my sins and shortcomings. Help us to get rid of these. Bless our marriage and my family. In Jesus name I pray, Amen. 

            God, I ask relief from anxiety & panic attacks for my family. Father, I pray my healing & my children's total healing from long trauma. I ask Your will be done, but Jesus, heal our hearts now completely. In Your name I pray. 

 Please pray for my sister. She is going through a divorce. Please pray that her husband will allow her and her two children to keep the house since it was his idea to divorce. If it doesn't work out, please pray that I will be able to deal with them living with I have been having panic attacks. Thanks and may God bless you. 

            Dear God, please forgive me. I know my actions are not always good. God please intervene with the person who is on my heart and mind always. Thank you so much for blessing me with a new position. Please God let me transition to this new position soon. In Jesus name, Amen.
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