Luvaholic's Prayers

            Please pray in agreement with me need your prayers. I will right now quick fast very easy be awarded the middle rate of dla without having to go for medical right now in Jesus name I have awesome favor with all people everywhere I go now always my fiancés financial income increase abundantly right now in Jesus name I am richly incredibly abundantly blessed supplied in all areas of my life now always in Jesus name

            Lord thank you for my day today with Linda my friend and for the lovely lunch lord thank you for all I have all you have given me lord I ask you please enlarge my finances financial income faith hope peace strength friends blessing make up cosmetics clothes beauty confidence self-esteem self-worth abundantly right now in Jesus name lord open the flood gates of heaven for me and pour out so much blessing on me that I will not have room enough to receive it now in Jesus name lord flood me with mighty great financial windfall previous blessing abundantly right now in Jesus name

            Lord I pray you lay me on the hearts, minds, thoughts, souls and daily reminders of the good in me, good efforts, positives and appreciation on all sacs. Please lord lay me on their minds and hearts in a positive way and release their anger and rage towards me. Lord please send someone to speak and remind them of good and allow others to remind them. I pray in your name. Amen 

            Tomorrow morning I have a job interview in an ad agency for the post of creative writer. Me along my friend are going there. Please pray to GOD that both of us get that job 

            Please pray for me, I started taking some new important medication for my pregnancy but it is making me sick. Please pray for healing for me. In Jesus name amen
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