The Random W/Javaris: Leah Remini Might Be on To Something #LeahTLC

  Reality television is a genre of television programming that documents unscripted situations and actual occurrences, and often features a previously unknown cast. The genre often highlights personal drama and conflict to a much greater extent than other unscripted television such as documentary shows.

The keyword has to be this 'Unknown cast'. That's the driving force behind the shows. The monster Mother of reality, Real World for example. They put seven random people in a house, nice house and they live together. Now just hearing that kinda makes you not want to watch. But the drama keeps you reaching for the remote on whatever day it comes on. 

People love the drama and all reality gives it to you.  They gives you so much that at times, you might not want it. Or need it. The Tv shows need it tho. Cause again 'Unknown cast". I mean are you really going to watch Bill and Ashley live they everyday life? Nope. You need the drama. 

Long story short. I think that reality TV might be getting better. Not talking about 'Love And Hiphop Atlanta"  Jesus, that's no good. Anybody on that show even in 'Hip-Hop" ? Anymore? 

But rather Leah Remini: It's All Relative, Her new new show on TLC. 

What  makes this show great is simple. It's replaces the "unknown cast' with a very popular actress.Everybody knows Charlie Briscoe,Stacey Carosi,Lara Campbell and Carrie Heffernan. Just to name a few of the characters she played. 

This is the part where the networks have to pay attention to. She still a working actress on popular shows. That's the key selling part. We seen the shows in the past where they bring the cameras into a celebrity home. Too bad the celebrity is no longer what people want to see. Not trying to be mean. People want to see the working ones. The ones that are on set, in the studio. Whatever the job is that they hold. 

Leah show does just that.

It's pretty funny. You might even know her husband, Angelo Pagán. He played like 8 different people on King Of Queens. 

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