Luvaholic Of The Month: Javaris Squire (September)

   Javaris Squire  is an American Designer, Journalist, Artist, Philanthropist, Social Activist and overall a Creativity Connoisseur. 

At age 14 Javaris stated 'Sanquon'. Which at the time was called 'ATL Finest'. It came about from a couple of t-shirts he made for the street  basketball team he was a part of. LOXB. The League of  Xtraordinary Ballers. The jerseys were t-shirts but designed like uniforms. With the sleeves acting as under shirts. 

  "Every park we went to, the team would always get asked 'Who made them shirts. I want one" Javaris recalls. "I would always say me and they would look like, really. You so young. That's hard shawty".

That's when he knew he had something special. In 2002, backed by the nice people of Wal-Mart (They sold him many extra fabric paints.), Squire designed his first collection bearing the ATL Finest label.

Wasn't really a collection as he tells it. "Really didn't have a flow. I was 14. I didn't know. I gave them what they wanted". He says years later laughing. What did have flow was the amount of people that was buying the shirts.

So many people that it landed him a shirt in a Lil Scrappy video. It was Bone Crushed that seen it and suggested that he make a shirt for the video. "Stop Snitchin'" is the shirt that they wanted. Javaris creativity became something that people began biting for years to come. They just wanted the words. He went a step forward and put a stop sign and the word 'Snitchin'.

"I thought I was being creative" Javaris says "And they got it but didn't get it. It took them a minute to get it. So that's why in the video the word stop is added to the stop sign. It was still cool to have a t-shirt in a video. They loved it after that....(laughs) Rappers". 

That jumped started everything for Javaris. Showing him that the brand was beyond his high-school and local stores.

Over the years, Squire has collaborated with many popular people for his Sanquon collections, including American Appeal, Nicki Minaj, Amber Rose and most recently Rihanna.

"It's crazy to me that people wear what I make. I don't know what it is. It's just a feeling I can't get used to. I love to see it. What's even more cool is the famous people wearing their shirts. That's amazing"-Javaris

Javaris's life doesn't stop at just fashion. It expands upon just about everything. From donating to the Boys and Girls club each week. Being on the board of three charities..Giving all unused clothes he doesn't wear to the Good Will. And helping anybody in need around him.

Javaris is the type of person that will not only talk to you but will listen to what you have to say.Even if he doesn't know you.He once gave a shirt to somebody right off his own back. A young man said he likes his shirt, boom Javaris gives it to him.

 Starting a Foundation in 2014 with two of his great friends, Ghadir and Crystal. The JJ&A Foundation. A foundation with the purpose of  uplifting the youth. Showcasing their talents. Helping them grow as not only as artists but as people. 

 Javaris is one big Luvaholic and that's why he is our pick for the month of September.

Funfact about Javaris
Javaris used to be a radio DJ. Senior year of High School. Station of 8 DJ's. Ranging from Rock to Rap. He went by DJ Punchline. Starting out for VosCast and growing to a brand station for his own record label. Oh, yeah he also had a record label. TTS Records

Javaris is a BIG lover of literacy and history. With his favorite book being 'Macbeth'.

His favorite band  is The Eagles. 

Social Links to reach him at: ...... ......

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