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Father, God bless me to have someone here for me. I do so much for people even the people that have done me wrong. I don't know why I continue to stay around for the people that have done me wrong. Sometimes I feel like its because of all my insecurities. At times I feel like I need those people because I have no one else in my life . Please let me know if it's best for me to just let go and move on or stay around. God I need Jesus name I pray amen.. 

Dear Father,
We ask that you uplift Libby and her precious family through this time of loss. My Lord, carry them all in the palm of Your hand to better days, Father. Shower Your precious children with Your love, comfort, and strength. My Lord, restore this family's hope and joy, Father. Lord, we know that a loss of a loved one is never easy to cope or endure. The experience itself can be enough to dim away the light and hope beyond, making us feel extremely burdened without the view of Your almighty and compassionate touch at work. Father, we ask that You take good care of this family during this time, and that You deliver them through this loss. Father, let Your children grow strong spiritually, emotionally, and mentally with You at their very side. My Lord, bless them with good friends to help support them, encourage them, and equip them with Your word and presence. Father, we ask that You keep this entire family safe from the enemy's torment, lies, and bombardment. And finally, Lord; always keep this family close to You. Father, bless this family with Your presence, and bring Your angels down to surround them in protection, harmony, and wholeness.
In Jesus's Name we pray...amen!
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