Luvaholic's Prayers

          Father I come to you empty, I have poured myself out, held tight to my faith, trust and hope, in you, and empty, no more to give, they say don’t give up, oh Lord, I tried but nothing to hold on to, forgive me.

Dear Lord,

          I have a family member who is sick & the doctor says that she will need a miracle to make it through. If it is in your plan Lord, please let her get better.

In Jesus Name, Amen.  

          Grateful and glorious heavenly father god king of all in heaven and owner of all even me Steve unash thank you for letting me seek you first, and seek your face first in your kingdom thank you for allowing me to ask in Jesus your son's name for the release of my prayers, intentions, major financial blessing, peace, happiness, wisdom, knowledge, and peace in the whole world forgive me of my sins from birth 1-18-1969 till you call me home thank you love you always your child of the king Steve bless my finances majorly according to your riches in glory thanks Steve 

           Praise Report: Thank God for His protection & healing hand. I went through my surgery today, haven't been home long. It was a success, all went well. Peace, all the way through. Thank you Intercessor's may God bless you, keep you safe. Answer Your prayers, as He did for me today. I speak God's healing love over you, a time of prospering in your life, and a relief in the area you need it the very most. May your loved ones receive God's healing touch, a relief for their body, mind and spirit...As a gentle healing release of God's touch stretches forth from the throne room and touches the body of your loved one. Weather, physical relief, emotional release, spiritual awareness of His loving presence within them. Jesus loves you very much, He is so precious. Nothing compares to the Jesus' Spirit manifested unto us in the Holy Ghost. Nothing. I bless you, in His name. 

New Beginings1212
          I speak and declare into existence 100 fold right now bring in joy favor new mercy new prosperity new breakthroughs prayers answered no more stealing killing destroying in our lives John 10 : 10 x7x7x7 no more witchcraft selfish prayers word curses break the Enemies back now with the blood of Jesus according to God's will 100 fold we are redeemed from the midday curse me Christina and our children parents 

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